The anti-inflammatory diet that reduces oxidative stress and relieves

The most feared for the appearance of autoimmune diseases are people who have dysbiosis in the intestine, which may have been caused by the western-style diet, says Despina Marcelou, a clinical dietitian-nutritionist with a post-graduate specialization in autoimmune diseases.

Theories about the causes of an autoimmune can be, in addition to genes, the environment, excessive hygiene while scientists have shed light on gut microbiomewhich has also been linked in recent years to chronic inflammation, metabolic and autoimmune diseases, said the clinical dietitian-nutritionist with a post-graduate specialization in autoimmune diseases. Miss Marcelou in the context of her participation in the first Vegan Medical Day organized by “A promise to animals”.

People with gut dysbiosis, which may have been caused by the Western European diet (processed products, sugar, high consumption of red meat and animal factors, less fiber) are most at risk of developing autoimmune diseases, while ketogenic dieta diet high in animal protein widely used for weight loss, diabetes management and autoimmune, according to a recent review creates negative changes in the taxonomy and richness of gut microbes.

Inflammatory diseases, he said, can trigger cancer, degeneration and autoimmunity and are closely linked to oxidative stress.. In addition, autoimmune diseases are a strong independent risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, which is precisely why it is important to treat the patient comprehensively.

The diet that naturally seems to prevail in anti-inflammatory action is basically the vegetarian one since the polyphenolsthe antioxidants and the abundance of vegetable fibers reduce the risk of oxidative stress, support the intestinal microbiome and calm inflammation. It is recalled that of the eating habits of 20,000 men and women living in the blue zones, it was plant-based foods that brought health benefits, rather than foods of animal origin.

According to other studies, a mostly plant-based diet combined with fasting therapy is particularly helpful for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Regarding multiple sclerosis, the pioneering program developed by neurologist Jelinek “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” shows that the consumption of saturated fat and dairy products show the strongest correlation with the development of disability, says Ms. Marcelou.

There are case studies where patients with ulcerative colitis went into remission or stopped medication with a special vegetarian protocol coordinated by D. Marcelou, which are expected to be published in the prestigious journal American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine with the participation of Shireen Kassam, physician and honorary lecturer at Kings College.

According to Ms. Marcelou, the publication will be extremely important given that even in a simple intestinal irritation the recommendation is to avoid vegetable fibers, while essentially it is the variety of fiber that will promote good intestinal health fighting inflammation and supporting gut bacteria.

She states “NI feel a responsibility and a duty to select and highlight all the research that promotes the sustainability of the planet and our health as they are interconnected. Thank you to the NGO A Promise to Animalsthe clinical nutrition and metabolism company and the Hellenic Anticancer Societya for such an important initiative.

The speech entitled “Chronic inflammation, vegetarianism and autoimmune: New scientific data and nutritional therapeutic approaches” is part of the initiative of the first Vegan Medical Day organized by “A promise to animals”.

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